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General Deal Links

Below are some links to my favorite places to find all kinds of deals.  Some give you a link to the deal directly and some you have to go to a site and enter a code.  Happy shopping!


This is my favorite site.  The stuff at the bottom of the page usually lasts for many, many days.


This site features 2 or more deals a day.  Not quite as extensive as other places but they usually have pretty good stuff.


This site was started by a couple of high school guys who are now in their first year of college.  It usually takes a little longer for them to update and sometimes they are a day behind but I have found deals here that I can't find anywhere else.  Be sure to check out the right side of the page where they have coupon deals, which unfortunately, are sometimes expired.

If the above site goes down they have a mirror site at:


This site is similar to edealinfo with deals on their main page.  What makes this one different is that you can sign up to get their email for hot items.  I signed up and don't get spam from them at all.  They only send me an email when a deal is incredible and won't last long.  My buddy got an entire computer loaded for $200.  That's the kinds of deals they send in email.


This site features one deal for one day.  Once the product is sold out there is no more deal.  For the really great deals you have to stay up late at night because if it's a good product, it's sold out by the early the next morning.  I especially like it when they sell a Bag O Crap!  You have no idea what it is but it's always sold out early so I've never been able to buy one and see what's in the bag!!

Woot also has what they call a "Woot Off" where they put a new product up every few minutes until it's sold out or the alloted time runs out.  You must make decisions quick because some of the hot items go within a minute and if you miss them, you miss them.  An alternative to Woot is where they do something similar called smack shopping.


I've found lots of good deals on this site.  Don't be fooled by the Mac in the name.  The deals are for everybody but they specialize in finding Macintosh deals too.

Coach Savings

This site has a guy who calls himself a coach because he teaches you how to save.  He's been interviewed on KOA Radio (11-9-06) and seems to know his stuff.  He has podcasts in case you're really into it.


This site is an extensive list of deals grouped by store.  It groups the links based on popularity, latest, and expiring soon.

All Online Coupons

These are all online deals rather than printing out a coupon on paper and taking it to a brick and mortar store.

Tech Bargains

For more of the geeks than the shoe shoppers. (Top Bargain Hunter??)

I received an email from the owner of this site asking me to put it in my list.  My biggest pet peeve about deal sites is that many of them don't have pictures of the products.  I want to scan down the list quickly by glancing at the images and then stop when one looks of interest.  This site has the pictures so it passes my litmus test.  That scores a point.  Another point scored is that there are separate pages for a variety of deals.  My favorite is the free page.  Everything on the page is eventually free after rebates.  Check out the other specific pages for yourself.

OK, I'll put it on my site.  But I have a suggestion.  Put the name of the site at the top so it's obvious what it is.  I'm assuming it's Top Bargain Hunter since that's what was listed in the email.  Oh, and he better update his "About Us" page or I'll drop him soon.  I want to make sure it's not Kevin Trudeau.

Black Friday Sales

What is Black Friday?  The biggest shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving.  You don't have to wait for the ads on Thanksgiving day.  You can get a head start and see what deals are shaping up way before then.

By the way, Black refers to retailers making a lot of money.  If they have a negative balance they are in the red but if they make money they are in the black.  Thus, Black Friday.  (worked in 2005)  (2006?? I'm guessing this will work since it's already registered)


Other links include:
Lunar Pages

Target even had a free wake-up call in case you thought you might oversleep

Here are some others.  I will post a descriptions sometime soon:


  Office Depot