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Here are some links to websites that have funny stuff on them.  Find out how one guy got tired of the spam from The Dumb Nigerian Con-Artists and decided to to something about it.  It's a rather long story but worth the time.  Of course, no funny link list would be complete without the Darwin Awards.  Enjoy!

Dumb Nigerian Con-Artists This guy received spam and decided to have some fun with it.  Well worth the time to read.
The Great McDonald's Sign Prank A guy found an odd sign at a McDonalds and decided to have some fun with it.  He documented his experiment with pictures.
Dumb Crooks These people SHOULD be in jail if nothing else, just to keep from procreating stupidity.
Jet Powered Beer Cooler Every once in a while you run across one of those inventions that are just plain COOL!
Angry Alien Productions Want to get a quick recap of a famous movie?  It only takes 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies.  These are hilarious!  My favorite is Jaws.
Insane Pictures Some of the pictures you've received in email are here.  Warning:  Not all are child-safe.
Mugshots Mugshots of famous people and why they were arrested.  My favorite is Bill Gates.
Darwin Awards Ah yes.  The awards that go to the folks who died doing something stupid.
Free Autographed Picture From An Unknown Family I'm not making this up.  Just fill out the form and you too can own a wonderful photograph from a family you don't know!
White Trash Christmas If you don't laugh at least a little you need embalming fluid.
Burger King Christmas

Alternate Link

Ding, fries are done...
Robot Farts And when it farted it got toy of the year!  :)
JibJab A funny poke at the 2004 presidential candidates.
Homelife Security Advisory Levels For all you married men out there.
Worst Album Covers I actually recognized one of these from my childhood days.  I think my parents still have it!  I have a couple I should send to this guy's collection.