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These links contain things that are sick, gross and sometimes graphic.  You have been warned.  Use caution when clicking!

Mr. Methane The world's only performing "flatulist."  This guy is the MASTER of methane.  He actually gives concerts and has a video!!  I'm thinking about buying it.  Be sure to check out the samples from his album or check out a video clip (Real Networks)
Pull My Finger Do I really need to say more?
TurdTwister You gotta see to believe.  Not for playdough!
Decapitation Not an urban legend.  This criminal got natural justice.
The Meguro Parasite Museum A museum of parasites that used to live in humans.  Check out the pictures.  A great place to take a date (if you live in Japan)!
People Who Went Beyond Tattoos And Body Piercings Okay, there are some people who go a little beyond tattoos and scar their bodies in various designs. But putting hooks underneath the skin and then suspending themselves?  That's sick.  Pictures of some disgusting stuff.  (PG13)
First Hybrid Motorcycle Be sure to have the sound turned up.  Motorcycle has a cool sound!