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Here are some links to some fun stuff.  Some of them will keep you entertained for hours.  OK, maybe just a few minutes but I found myself addicted to the simple game of Smack the Penguin.  Don't link to it if you don't have the time!

SodaPlay Design your own contraption and make it do things.  I can lose myself for a long time here.
Smack the Penguin See how far you can smack him.  Click once to drop the penguin and another time to get Yeti to swing the club.  My highest was 587.1.  There are many variations on this game.  Check out some of the rest at  My favorite alternate is the Gory Version.  Be VERY careful that you don't start this without having some time to feed the addiction!!!
Orca Slap The Yeti and penguin are back at it.  This time you have to hit the penguin with a snowball and force it into a target.  Harder than Smack the Penguin.  Your cursor aims the snowball.  My highest total on this one so far is 581.8.  Here is another link to a smaller and faster file.
Box Game Such a simple game yet "most addicting."  Such a moron I am for not even making it to 10 seconds...
Putting Alright.  This one got me addicted too.  I finally got 5 in a row but it took a while.
Marble Mayhem Another HUGE time waster when you have nothing to do.  Takes a little time to load.
Pen Tricks Just like it sounds--pen tricks.  Do tricks with a normal pen and just one hand.  Be sure to click on the video section for great demos.

Pen Tricks is part of a larger group of known as Superhandz.  Check out some of theirs stuff too for card tricks, coin tricks, etc.

Speartoss Here's another time waster.  Hold down the mouse to raise the spear, then let go at just the right time for distance but don't go past the rocks.  You don't have to log in to play.
Drifting Game Addicting car game in flash.
Microgarbage Some really cool stuff here.  Click on the squares at the bottom for each time waster.
GasGames Is there no end to the addiction?  Wow, lots of addicting games here.  You'll figure them out on your own after a couple of tries.
Text to Speech Type some words in and let it read to you.  Then save it as a file.  Click Here for example.
PressAnyKey A quiz to see how smart you are
Ink Blot Test
You've heard about it, now take it.  General description of who you are, more if you want to spend $14.99.  Use a bogus name and email address.
Tests Personality tests, IQ tests, Entrepreneur tests, etc.
The Human Mind More tests that detect certain things about your brain.  Take the smile test to see if you can spot a fake smile vs. a real one.
Back To The Future Monopoly Print out a Monopoly board with a Back To The Future theme.
Froguts Dissect a frog.  What the heck--dissect a bunch of critters.
Cave of Magic Can this page really read your mind?
Flash Arcade Lots of games here that you can play online.
Miniclip Another set of arcade games.
Gamershood What can I say?  More games!
SpikeyThing Yet another set of arcade games.  Click on the games square on the first page.
Makai Media Games Would you believe it?  More games!
Game Rival You guessed it--More online games.
Eight Legged Freaks "High Voltage Spider Killing Game" in the flavor of Doom (you're the shooter).
Bubble Shooter Online A Snood-like game.  Requires registration with user and password.
The Game of Risk Using Google Maps An interesting way to fuse a map site with a game.  It works!
Junkbot Solve simple puzzles with legos.  Watch it.  If you like puzzles this can be additcting.  A little bit like the game "The Incredible Machine."
Lil Games Some EXCELLENT games.  My favorite is Marble Solitaire.
Frogmania Catch dragonflies with the frog's tongue.
Make a Flake Make your own cool snowflakes and then add them to the gallery for others to see..
Pop the Bubble Wrap Come on, you know you want to.  It only wastes a little time.  Nothing like Smack the Penguin or Marble Mayhem (above) that wastes a LOT of time.
Popcorn Madness Move the puppet to catch the popcorn gone astray.
Fly the Copter Hold the mouse down to climb, let go to drop.  You'll want to try this one several times to keep improving.
N Game Flash game to train and live like a Ninja.
Entertainment Software Pranks to play on your friends.  All freeware!
Yamaha's Paper Craft Make paper models of motorcycles, animals, & seasons.  Print out the templates, cut out the shapes and follow the instructions.
Easter Eggs A collection of little-known secrets within software.
Virtual Snow Globe Shake it just like you would a real one and watch the snow fly.
Game Show Central Everything you always wanted to know about game shows.
Intuitive Test See if you can pick the live people from the dead ones simply by looking at a picture of their face.  I almost put this one in the wacky links because it's a little creepy.
Common Cents Can you guess the correct one?  No cheating!
Magnifying Glass Fry Fry people by using a magnifying glass.  A little sick, but then, that's what I like!
Best and Worst Surveys Some surveys you can add your own answers to for others to vote on.  Need to be registered to be able to do them all.
Perseptual Science Here are a bunch of professors at MIT that study how we see things.  They have some nice illusions.  Bart Anderson must have been a former professor but he has some nice stuff too.  Check out his stereograms.

Some of my favorites come from Edward H. Adelson These will wack out your eyes and make you think you've gone stupid.  One of my favorites is this one.  But there are many more Light Illusions.

Golems Of Light Wow. Lots of motion.
Dialectizer Type in a phrase or even the URL to your favorite website and see what it would look like if spoken in say...redneck!  Or maybe Pig Latin or Jive...
Backwards Talking Ever heard of backmasking?  It was real popular in the 80s where music groups would encode a message in the music that you could only hear when played backwards.  Some were on purpose and some weren't.  This website will allow you to upload a wave file and it will turn it backwards.  Works with any .wav file so you can hear anything backwards.
One Free Minute What would you say, given one free minute of anonymous public speech?  Well...?
The Longevity Game How long will you live based on your lifestyle and genes?
Stump Darth Vader Think an object and see if Vader can read your mind.  He'll belittle the snot out of you along the way.  But be careful, he starts getting torqued off if he can't guess it after a lot of questions!  If he needs help, the Burger King will give him a hint (you heard me right).
Subservient Chicken Continuing on the Burger King theme (what do these guys do when they're not flipping burgers you might ask?), type in a command and watch the chicken do what you ask!  I tried "jump on one foot" and a few others.  He's a pretty literate chicken.
Fly Guy Explore an animated world as you fly.
How Geeky Are You? How geeky are you?  Find out with your geek profile.
First Person Shooter Creator Create your own first person shooter games without any knowledge of programming or 3d modeling.  Costs around $45 but if you're into gamming this software is COOL.
Spell with Flikr An interesting use of a script and a BUNCH of small images.
U.S. Citizenship Test Could you pass the U.S. Citizenship test?
The Hamster Dance Infamous.  If you haven't seen it then here it is.
Experimental Game Play Project Based on the idea that "complexity is not necessary for fun" creators of these games must complete the game by themselves and within 7 days.  Some pretty good games for such low development time!
Tombstone Generator Wanna see what your tombstone looks like when you're gone?  Create your own and take a look!
Practical Joke Book I think I tried half of these on my little sister when I still lived at home with her.
Where's George? Track dollar bills as they change hands from person to person.  Input a serial number and if somebody else does the same, you can see where that dollar has been spent.
Oxymoron List An oxymoron is something whos name means the opposite of itself.  For example, jumbo shrimp--opposites.
Solving the Rubik's Cube for Speed

Speed Cubing World Championships

When the Rubik's Cube first came out I studied how it all worked and wrote down every combination that made each square move to a certain spot. After several weeks I finally solved it. I then got faster and faster using my own algorithms. Then some books came out on how to do it and they matched what I already had. Dang! Why didn't I think of that?

On January 17, 2006, a guy solved it in 11.13 seconds--A World Record!

Here's a video of a guy doing it in 13.41 seconds

And another in 16.49 seconds

Gullibility Factor Test A nutritional test to see how much advertising has brainwashed you about health issues.
Church Sign Generator Ever see some funny church signs on the web?  Some of them are fake because you can create any message you want on them!
Independence Day Quiz Could you pass the same test given to foreigners who want to become U.S. citizens?
Cereal Freak Put what you want on a cereal box then save the image.


Here's kind of a neat thing.  Go to the run menu (or hold down the Windows key and press R) and type the following:
You will begin a game of Star Wars IV in ASCII text !!!!!
Quick Intelligence Test You've probably already run across these questions several times so I expect you to get 100%.
Google's Flight Simulator Fly around some of the major cities using Google Maps.  You can dive, bank, speed up and even fire from the plane.  But don't dive too much cause you could crash.
Kadon Enterprises Game Puzzles Some fun little puzzles here.  Some standards and some I've not seen.
Fake Caller ID

Phone Trick

Wanna play a prank on your friend?  Here are two links where you can fake a phone caller ID and have an automated voice say something to your friend.  Careful.  They record your I.P. address and can trace it back to you if you try something stupid like threatening somebody.
Global Rich List Input your annual income and it will show you where you rank in the world's richest people.