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These are links that I find easy to read and look through.  Some of my favorites include The Smoking Gun where you can see actual celebrity contracts and see how selfish and greedy they are.  Another favorite is TerraFly where you can find your house from a satellite photo!

The Smoking Gun Former private documents, mugshots, etc.  Be sure to check out some of the contracts for celebrities.



Google Earth

Google Maps




Satellite Photos

Wanna see satellite pictures of your house?  Images are a few years old but still cool.
Example:  Bittersweet Park is at Longitude: -104.73699042; Latitude: 40.41811826

Google Earth is another one.  Sometimes the picture is not quite as detailed depending on the area.  You can download stand alone software for this one but there is a version online too.  Simply go to Google Maps and type in your address then click the Satellite button or Hybrid button for combined map and photo.

MSN has their own Virtual Earth.  You can choose between roadmap or photo.

Flashearth lets you use the MSN Virtual Earth interface on Google maps, and also switch between Google Maps and MSN VE.

Sky Car Can you really build a car that flies?  Paul Moller did.  See for yourself !!!!  Here is a review labeling it as one of the inventions of the next century.  There are various models of skycars and some have videos of them hovering.

In the January, 2005 issue, Popular Science featured various aircraft inventors of which the sky car designer, Paul Moller was one of them.  Here is the article.

Take A Leap Into Hyperspace What if you could eat lunch on earth and travel to the moon in time for dinner?  According to this theory, it's possible.
The Javelin


ZRPSL EM-10 Bielik

Want to own your own jet?  You can!  It won't be ready until late 2007 but an Englewood, Colorado group (ATG) has made a prototype and is taking orders.  Gee.  Wish I had 2.8 million right now 'cause I WANT ONE!!!

Poland makes a personal jet too named the Bielik which has been around since 2003.  Click on  the small picture to see a bigger picture.  Personally, I think the Javelin looks cooler.

Deep Flight Subs Scared of heights?  How about depths?  If you don't want aircraft try watercraft, as in submarines, created by private individuals and companies.  You can even attend "flight" school and learn to pilot your own deep submersible submarine!
Time Travel Is time travel possible?  Professor Ronald Mallet thinks so and he's actually building a machine.

John Titor thinks so too since he claims he is from the future.  Read about him Here.

2.5 Gigapixel Photo Even high end digital cameras don't take pictures with much more than 5 Megapixels (5 million pixels).  This pictures has 2.5 Billion pixels (yes, Billion, with a "B").  Click on the thumbnail and you will be linked to the huge image where you can zoom in pretty close to the smallest detail.  Warning: Don't try to download this to your computer!
ZoomQuilt An endless collaborative art project.  Stop along the way and view some of the art.  More options HERE.
Zero-G Experience zero gravity.  For about $3,000 you can have a day in nothingness.
Full Screen Panoramas Some pretty cool pictures that you can explore completely.
Lego Church A small church made completely out of Legos.  It took a year and a half and filled much of one room in the creator's house.
Humanoid Soccer Playing Robots Check out what these robots can do.  There are all kinds of short video clips of robots doing human-type things.  Cool!
Prove evolution and be a quarter of a million dollars richer Anybody who knows me knows that I believe the world was created by intelligent design, and who's creator I claim is God/Jesus Christ.  But if you think you can prove evolution then take up this guy's offer and collect $250,000.  Nobody claimed it when it was $10,000 and I can guarantee nobody will claim it now.  Evolution as the origin of life is only a theory and cannot be proven!
The Webby Awards The webby awards are the best internet sites as voted by these people.  It also has a "People's Choice" awards.  My favorite one is the weird category.  This year's winner is a bunch of girls who get their cars stuck in mud and snow then take pictures of it.  (huh?)  Check it out--
Damn Interesting This is kind of a blog of really interesting stories.  I found myself going from one story to the next.
Learn How To Draw Ever wanted to draw something more than just stupid stick figures?  Check this out.
Wikipedia A full encyclopedia in which you can contribute to the content!
How To Cheat Google

How Does Google Rank Pages?

Most people think that to get a high rank on Google there must be many other sites that link to your site.  While that's the biggest factor there are over 100 more.
Sinking Towboat Glad I never had this captain.
Rubber Band Machine Gun But mom, it would be the greatest Christmas present ever for only $395.
EFF Article

Inquirer Article

Is your printer spying on you?  YES.  This is scary.
Mazeworks Generate a maze and then solve it.
Serious Lego Wow.  I used to only build houses when I was a kid.
Micromachines We're talking REALLY small here.
Twenty Questions An experiment in artificial intelligence.  See if you can outsmart the game.  The more this thing is played by everybody, the smarter it gets.
Holographic Storage


The next hard drive is going to be awesome...

Update: October, 2005.  It's coming...

Crazy Images Some more ways to waste your time.
A Different Kind of CD Burner Did you know you can burn images onto your CDs?  No, I mean onto the plastic itself--not an image file!!!  Scroll down about 3/4 of the page and find the section labeled DiscT@2 for an image of Spiderman on a CD.
MJ Official Press Room Michael Jackson's official site to defend the allegations against him (for those of you who just can't get enough).
Javascript Clock Check out this clock.  It's real time with a cursor
Burning Man This is a huge event where everybody gets together and creates... well, art??
Notable Properties of Specific Numbers A site that explores interesting concepts about numbers.  If you didn't like math in school don't click here.
Vampire Numbers What are vampire numbers?  Click to find out.
Spaceship One Spaceship One was the first spacecraft built outside of government funding and the first to enter space twice within a week using the same spacecraft.  It won the 10 million dollar prize offered.
Dead or Alive Been wondering if somebody famous was dead?  This site tracks famous people so you can know.
Virtual Windows No, not Microsoft Windows but REAL windows!  You can live anywhere you want with these.  Kind of cool!
Escher For Real This guy takes the impossible and makes real stuff out of it.
Top Ten Words Top Ten Words entered into Merriam-Webster's dictionary site.
Alien Observer Oh boy.
Air Disasters All kinds of info about airline crashes.  I like the Videos.
The Great Heroes that Liberated Afghanistan and Iraq Some fantastic images of the people and equipment in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Big Thinkers A list of the today's biggest thinkers on topics including: cyborgs, time, networked humanity, singularities, death, the 10,000-Year Library, and consciousness
Thought Provoking Photos There should be at least ONE image in here that you will stop and say, "hmmmmmmm..."
Musical Illusions Optical illusions fool your eyes.  These fool your ears.  They show some sheet music and have audio examples of some of the illusions.
Oldest Escher Archive M.C. Escher is the guy who did all the drawings like the widget staircase that never ends or the pattern of birds that are lizards in the spaces.  Lots of cool images here.
Zoom Quilt A collaborative art project you can journey through.  Click your mouse and move your mouse to start your journey.
ID Sniper Want to track somebody?  Shoot them with this high powered rifle that embeds a chip into them so you can track them.  It only feels like a mosquito bite to them.  Here is the chip that gets embedded.
I Am Bored Are you bored?  Check out some of the things that keep others busy.
43 Things Name 43 things you'd like to do and see what others say about it.  Comment on others who have their lists of 43 things.
How to Convert VHS to DVD You need to archive your video tapes because the magnetic media deteriorates over time.  Here's a site that tells you how to do it.
Nature Video Clip Who wins a fight between a shark and an octopus?  See for yourself (requires Real Player).
Name Statistics How popular is your name?
Sort Algorithms Here is a visual demonstration of the speed of sort algorithms.  You can even download the algorithms. (for geeks only).

You may need to download Microsoft's Java.

Eric Harshbarger's LEGO Website Man this guy can BUILD!  Some awesome creations from just LEGOS.
Making Of A Brick Speaking of LEGOS, here's a little interactive flash that gives you a tour on how LEGOS are made.  Hold your cursor over the numbers to see real video.
Dig To The Other Side Where would you end up if you dug a whole straight through the middle of the earth?  This site shows you exactly where.  An interesting application using Google Maps.
Elevator Hacking

Alternate Link

Ever hacked an elevator?  This site shows you that if you press the open door button and the floor you want to go to, you bypass all the other floors requesting the elevator!
Inside Skywalker Ranch Inside Skywalker Ranch gives you a mini tour of all things George Lucas.
TransScreen The holographic projection screen used in the movie Minority Report.
Hydrogen Fuel Systems Affordable Hydrogen fueled cars.  Never use gas again!
Flash Tutorial Videos Free Flash and video tutorials from a master at Stanford University.
Video Camera Rocket Wouldn't it be cool to put a video camera in an Estes rocket and send it up?  These guys did and then put the video on a website for all of us to enjoy.
Lifescience Article on LED Discovery The light bulb will soon be obsolete with this accidental discovery.
Revenge Legal revenge against spam snail-mailers.
Canstruction You'll be amazed at the sculptures that artists build out of cans.  All for a good cause--to stamp out hunger.
Bald Eagle's Nest Someone stuck a camera in a tree, hooked it up to an encoder, and pointed it at a wild Bald Eagle nest. Strangely captivating.... Probably the closest any of us will ever get to one of these birds
Zunafish Got some old DVDs, CDs, or something you don't want any more?  Zunafish is a little like eBay but instead of buying or selling, you trade.  It cost a buck a trade.
Interesting Cloud Formations Some cool pictures of clouds here.
Miniature Sculptures This guy creates sculptures in the eye of needles and the top of pinheads.  Amazing stuff.  And Snopes has verified that it is real.
Who Called Us Find out who keeps pestering us by making phone calls while we're eating.  This gives the names of companies who do it.
International Sidewalk Astronomy Night There is a night where astronomers from all over the world literally take their telescopes to the streets (sidewalks) and share what they see with everybody.
Airliners Some GREAT pictures of airliners.  Some of my favorites I have affectionately named.  They are:
Midair Collision High Altitude
Space Shuttle Launch Bad Place For Irrigation Ditch
Birds In Flight Everybody Survived This One
Contrails Anybody Home?
777 Overhead Crew Rest Detour
777 Flightdeck This is Gonna Hurt
First Class seats on JAL Wake Vortex
Where to Park a 747 Cool Runway
We Got It Floating,
Now What Do We Do?
Diamond Mine

There are many, many more cool ones and some have descriptions.  All photos can be viewed in a variety of sizes.

Award Sites There are numerous sites across the internet that give out awards or feature the best websites in many different categories.  Here are a few: (The most prestigious)

Sun Tram Here is a proposal for a mass transit system up the Interstate 70 corridor from Denver to the ski areas.  During an interview with the inventor he said it would cost about 2 million dollars per mile.  This car looks a bit like an airplane and can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour!
Honda's 285 MPG regular gasoline car Yes, 285 miles per gallon with a regular gasoline engine--not a hybrid!  Honda plans on making these available in 2010.

Link 1
Link 2

BMW's GINA--a cloth covered car! Imagine having a car that changes the shape as it speeds up to accommodate aerodynamics.  Or a car that you could change to a different color each week if you wanted to in only 2 hours.  Here it is--GINA, a car that doesn't have a metal or fiberglass body but one of cloth.

Link 1
Link 2
Link to YouTube video

Timberjack Walking Machine New technology mimics a simple spider.  6 legs can move over any kind of terrain.  YouTube video only.