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Wacky Links

The people who created these web pages are a little wacked.  And so are you if you enjoy them as much as I do.

Reality Carnival Cliff Pickover is a genius who likes to find wacky links like me.
The Presurfer Some wacked out links and info here.
BumperDumper One of the coolest products on the internet.  Check out the pictures by clicking the link near the bottom of the page for more information.
Urinal Collection Some people collect pictures of the strangest things.  Some are elaborate places to take a wiz.  If you need some bathroom trivia then Click Here.
Outrageous eBay auctions Oh my, the things people try and sell on ebay...

Update:  In October, 2006 this turned into some stupid medical site with the same URL of  Does that make sense?  I'll remove it if it continues.

Pixie Land There are gay people in the world and then there are those who dress as Pixies.  This guy thinks he's Peter Pan.  Holy Mackerel.  You have to see his pictures to believe it.  I'm not sure which is better-- This image This one, or This one.  Of course, there's always This one, and you could even have your own pixie party.
DVD Rewinder Never pay another rewind fee when returning DVDs to the rental store.
European Sewer Tour

How To Guide

OK, so if you didn't like the urinals maybe you'd just like to tour the sewers in Europe.  Mmmmm.  Sounds fun!
Bellagio Fountain Using Mentos and Diet Coke Ever taken a bottle of Diet Coke and dropped a Mentos Mint in it?  There is a sudden eruption that lasts only a couple seconds or so but enough to create quite a fountain.  Well a couple of guys had an idea to put on an entire display using over 200 liters of Diet Coke and over 500 Mentos Mints!
Weird Tourist Attractions Going on a vacation?  How about spending a little time taking out a cow with a rocket launcher?  Only $400!!!
Plan 9 From Outer Space is now public domain! Plan 9 From Outer Space is billed as the worst movie ever made.  It has a cult following because it's so fun to look for all the mistakes.  Night turns to day in a single scene, actors screw up their lines, gravestones wobble and storyline that's so wacked you can't help but like this movie. has it available for download on their website.  To download, click on the link to the left (look in the left column for "download").

Here are some reviews:


Car Stuck Girls A site dedicated to girls who get their cars stuck in the mud.  Lots of pictures.  Mmmm, I just love seeing boots all full of mud like this photo.
Bonsai Kitten Great to set on a mantle.  (OK folks, it's not real)
Blonde Clock A blonde programmed this one.
Super Shredder You can get a paper shredder at an office supply store and watch your papers shred into pieces.  But I WANT ONE OF THESE!  Videos of shredding steel drums, a couch, washing machine, and even a boat!  They are so satisfying to watch.
Will It Blend? An engineer uses some high powered blenders to blend just about anything.  My favorite is blending an iPhone into iDust!
Build your very own powered model aircraft Check out the engines!
No Pants Day Did you miss it?  Now you're going to have to wait until next May 6th.
Dihydrogen Monoxide This stuff can kill you.  In fact it is responsible for many deaths in every country of the world.  Think about it for a minute...
If you still can't figure it out then click Here.
Human Clock This guy took a LOT of pictures for his human clock.  Interesting idea.
Match Head Sculptures Intricate sculptures made from match heads (some people have a lot of time on their hands).  Pretty cool though.
Can't Find It On Google Now if you're really bored you could follow the rules and see if you can come up with a phrase that only gets ONE hit and one hit only on Google.
Infinity Man discovers best way to picture infinity.
I Hate The Arby's Oven Mitt This guy really hates the oven mitt from the Arby's commercials.
Things That Fit In My Mouth A waste of time no matter how you look at it.
Red Tongue Red Tongue refers to sticking your tongue out and going aaaaaahhhhhh at something really bad.  Pop culture stuff.
Big British Secret Did you know that in September of 2003 the British Government was overthrown using an old computer printer and some stationary?  Long reading.
Make Your Own Speeding Outhouse Be the first in your neighborhood.  Popular Science shows you how.
Dead People Server


Want to find out about a dead celebrity?  Go to the dead people server first before you guess who the next celebrity to die will be.  Then, once you have your guesses, check out the site.
Really Bad Jobs You think you got it bad?  Check out these!
The Rodenator Got gopher problems?  Here's a great way to solve that problem if you have almost two grand to drop.
This Is Broken Makes you wonder how companies make any money when they put so much crap out on the market.  Lots of broken stuff here with images and explanations.
The Falling Woman A flash site where a woman falls among bubbles.  This is what you might look like if you died and somebody threw you out a window.  You can grab the woman and sling her around with the mouse pointer if you wish (just how sadistic are you, anyway?).
Fartaphone When there's nobody around to pull your finger, here is the answer...
Baby Bush Toys Toys for the not-so-gifted child.  I particularly like the Rubiks Cube with all red square.  The testimonials are priceless.
Octanecreative A collection of all kinds of wacky stuff.  Some of my favorites are:

Ah, the many things you can do with duct tape...
Duct Tape  (also try Duct Tape Guys )

These are not for taking food home from restaurants!
Doggy Bags

Parodies of just about everything.

Talk Like A Pirate Just in case you want to learn how to talk like a pirate, this handy book tells you how.  And don't forget International Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19! These guys are serious...

I found out my pirate name.  Click the link in the brown box and answer a few questions to find out yours...

My pirate name is:
Captain Jack Kidd
Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from
The Beer Belly Ever want to sneak into a ballgame with your own adult beverage?   Here's a way to secretly stash your favorite.
Zuiikin Gals I

Zuiikin Gals II

Learn Japanese through dance steps.  I found this amusing because you can learn all the phrases you need when somebody is assaulting you.
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie Should you hear the voices and feel the needů
The Heart Attack Grill There is a restaurant in Tempe Arizona where waitresses wear skimpy nurses outfits and serve gigantic burgers named after heart attack surgeries.  Their motto is "Taste... Worth Dying For!"  I mean to tell you, they have some HUGE burgers.  Of course, my favorite is the Triple Bypass Burger which has 1 1/2 pounds of beef!  They even have a theme song.
Butt Print Art Some people get rid of the brush and paint with other things.  This guy, who happens to be teacher, paints with his "BoBo"

Wacky Blogs
Blogs of wacky things from the people who make the world go round.

TheDamnBlog Some interesting links on this guy's site.
Fasting Time 2 Horrifying contest in which artists realistically depict actresses as if they were starving
How To Make A Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Just in case you didn't know.
Nail Passion Wacked women who love long fingernails.
Noone Belongs Here More Than You A rather interesting way to create a website.