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I am continuing to build this section of my site so it is not completed.  Please check back occasionally for updates.

My Cancer Perigrination

Back in January of 1993 I found a lump on the side of my neck.  After visiting the doctor and having some scans done, we determined that we needed to remove the lump which was in my thyroid.  The common procedure is to remove the entire thyroid if cancer is found.  The surgeon only removed the half that contained the tumor, looked at the tumor and determined that it wasn't cancer, then sewed me back up.  Upon further investigation, the doctors noticed some abnormalities so they sent the tumor to a specialist in Pennsylvania.  The specialist came back with a diagnosis--Follicular Carcinoma, a type of cancer.  Since standard procedure is to remove ALL the thyroid, my surgeon and doctor both agreed that I should have the other half removed.

Before letting them cut me open again I started doing some research.  I learned many things about fighting disease the natural way without surgery or chemotherapy.  I decided to take this route and informed my doctor and surgeon.  Wow, was I surprised to hear the words back from the surgeon who basically called my a moron for not going through with the surgery.  I agreed to get a second opinion and after not hearing what I wanted I ignored that one too.  I was basically on my own at this point.  No help from doctors, no help from insurance, etc.  Many of my friends treated me as if it was good knowing me but I'm now going to die.  One of my fellow teachers (I was teaching at the time) asked me what color of flowers I wanted at my funeral.  I did have a good support team at home and with family who agreed with my decision.

One of my doctors told me that he thought the cancer was spreading to my brain, bones, and lungs.  Now time was critical so I crammed a ton of learning into a short amount of time.

From all the information I learned about fighting disease  I noticed there were common themes.

  1. GET THE BAD STUFF OUT:  In a nutshell, colon cleanse.  It is VERY important that you rid your body of toxins that are currently in it.  To fight cancer you need healthy immune cells that will fight disease.  If your immune cells are already fighting toxicity then they have to work extra hard to fight any disease and that's when cancer takes over.  So to fight cancer it is obvious that you need a healthy immune system that is dedicated to fighting disease and not toxins.  See the section on colon cleansing for more information.


  2. PUT GOOD STUFF IN:  This is where a healthy diet can really build your immune system.  There are lots of books and information about healthy eating so I won't go in depth on it.  However, I will mention that to build the strongest immune system possible you need to eat foods that are organic and don't have herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful chemicals that make your immune system divert to destroying it.  I will add extra emphasis in saying that the foods you eat should be organic so that you're not eating small amounts of leftover pesticides and herbicides, thereby adding more toxicity to your system.  Juicing is a must.  Buy a good juicer and juicing book and have fun with it.  I don't recommend buying one of the twenty-five dollar juicers at Kmart.  These work but don't work well.  It takes roughly twice as many vegetables to make a glass of juice as a good juicer.  I recommend one of two:  The Champion juicer or the Juiceman.  The Juiceman juicer was invented by a guy who was dying and the only thing he changed was that he started juicing.  Now, many years later, he is a poster child of health.  I personally own a Juiceman Jr. which is a little smaller and less expensive but it works great.

    My nutritionist gave me a list of recommendations to follow which didn't seem out of reach at all.  It is important to get a good nutritionist on your team for health issues.  This particular nutritionist, Diane Petosky, had done 10 years of research on cancer and had tried many things with great success in treating cancer patients.  I listed her recommendations so you can see what information was given me.  Keep in mind that it was tailored to my situation and is not a "one size fits all" list of recommendations.

    Click here to see my nutritionist's recommendations.


  3. MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT:  Diane Petosky said that in her 10 years of research on cancer she had seen people who had just a touch of cancer and who were completely freaked out about it die in a short amount of time.  On the other hand, she saw people with incredible odds stacked against them who made up their mind that they would overcome their disease and beat cancer, living many years after their diagnosed deaths.  A person must make up their mind to beat cancer or it's almost a lost cause.  This goes for those who choose to do chemotherapy too.  They must believe the chemotherapy will work or it will have little effect on them.

    One of the things I found to be very effective was to write down my short term and long term goals each and every day.  This gave me something to look forward to and to reach for.  On the same page I would write affirmations.  Affirmations are short phrases that program your subconscious mind.  Some examples of phrases I used were:

    "I am healthy and cancer-free"
    "I weigh 240 pounds" (this was a loss of about 50 pounds for me at the time.  I actually lost 55!)
    "I spend time with my family every day"
    "I desire healthy foods"

    Affirmations should be in a positive text.  For example, don't say "I want to lose weight" but rather "I weigh XXX pounds" (insert your desired weight to convince your subconscious that IS your weight and it will happen).

    Also, buy some relaxation tapes.  There are many out there.  Some just have ocean sounds or sounds of the forest.  Others teach you deep relaxation techniques.  Stay away from ones that instruct you in new age thinking about using crystals to heal.  These will only have you putting your faith in things.

    Read, read, read.  There are lots of good books on beating cancer with nutrition.  Some of them opened my eyes to all sorts of wrong thinking as I was growing up.  For example, we were all taught that cow's milk is good for us; that it will give you calcium.  I dare you to read further and find out who brainwashed us into that one and the problems surrounding that thinking.  For now let me warn you that cancer patients should stay away from ALL dairy products, including cheese.  They create mucus which cancer thrives on.


  4. PHYSICAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT:  It is very important to keep exercising even when you feel absolutely horrible.  We have been told this for years but it is critical to your health during times of disease.  I could go on about how exercise helps but there is tons of information out there about physical exercise so I won't go in depth here.  Suffice it to say, this needs to be a part of your healing plan if it isn't already.


  5. SPIRITUAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT:  I read books written by Christian authors as well as others.  All of them agreed that you must believe in a higher power to heal you.  I personally believe that power to be Christ, the master of healers.  There is nothing like a tough disease to bring your faith to the forefront.  Praying, praising, worshipping, and communication with your maker will bring you the greatest peace you will ever find.  Prayer is essential.  Period.  No debate.


Dairy Products

Here is a subject that always produces rolled eyes in the listener and yet there is tons of research to back it up.  I'm going to make a general statement and see if you feel like rolling your eyes or saying "oh brother" as you read it:


Yes, this includes our beloved milk.  There.  Did you roll your eyes?  That's the response I have come to expect because we have been taught for so many years that milk is so good for us.  Why, it gives you calcium and Vitamin D doesn't it?

After reading much and consulting about this subject I have come to realize that money and politics play an important part in convincing people what is best for them.  I want to quote an excellent book on battling cancer called "A Cancer Battle Plan" by Anne E. Frähm.1

Milk is the most political food in the United States. You and I, whether we like it or not, are in the milk production business.  Our taxes go to underwrite the dairy industry "to the tune of almost three billion dollars a year...342,000 dollars every hour to buy hundreds of millions of dairy products that will in all likelihood never be eaten."2  The government buys dairy surplus to keep production going, letting it rot in storage at a cost of $47 million annually.  Millions more are spent by the National Dairy Council every year to get us to drink their product and help reduce their huge surplus.  We've all grown up assuming that their commercials were giving us solid facts, that cow's milk makes our bones strong by providing the calcium that our bodies need.

But, in the excellent book entitled Fit for Life, Harvey and Marilyn Diamond point out facts that the National Dairy Council would just as soon you not know about their products.  "It is important to understand calcium's role in the human body," they write.  "One of its main functions is to neutralize acid in the system....All dairy products except butter are extremely acid-forming....The irony is that people are consuming dairy products for calcium, and the existing calcium in their systems is being used to neutralize the effects of the dairy products they are eating."3  In other words, consuming dairy products for calcium's sake is a "two steps forward, three steps back" proposition.  It makes better nutritional sense to get your calcium from raw nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.  The very fact that you may find this thought a bit hard to swallow is a tribute to the awesome power of advertising.

I remember a scene in "The Santa Clause" starring Tim Allen where his son asks if he can have cake for breakfast.  As he ponders the answer he thinks, "hmmmm, it has milk, milk is good.  It has bread, one of the four basic food groups," and eventually he concludes that it must be healthy.  I believe the National Dairy Council has done this to us as consumers.  We see the commercials on TV, the ads in the newspaper, and the slogan "Got Milk" everywhere.  How could we conclude anything other than how healthy it is?

Actually, it's the pasteurization and homogenization processes that destroy the goodness of milk.  If you can get whole milk directly from a dairy that comes straight from the cow then it is much less harmful.  It will still create mucus and is still hard to digest but at least the enzymes are not destroyed through processing.

Goat's milk, on the other hand is pretty good for you but I'll save that for another day...