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Here are some pictures of my family.  I hope you enjoy them.  And if you are a single woman ready to get married, both of my brothers are available!

That's Me. I'm trying to lose weight by working out in my back yard


My Brother Rick


 My Sister's Family.  From left to right is Lennie, Dolly, and Their Son Dabney


 My Other Brother Don


 My dad watching a football game


 My Cousins Bertha and Jake


 Uncle Cyrus (We Call Him Popeye)


 My Aunt Eunice and Her Son (my cousin) Theodore


My Cousin Ralph likes the race track.  His favorite race car is #3 Aunt Carlotta has a neat built-in
cup holder!  She uses it a lot at Burger King
Uncle Foster lost an eye in the war and now he has this neat trick he can do My youngest sister Martha
Here are a couple of pictures of my brother Bubba and his new bride Bertha.  He looks so happy doesn't he? Woops.  Save it for the honeymoon Bertha.  Goodness Gracious!  HA HA.