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Here are some links to websites that my friends and/or family maintain.

Matt Ziebell's Page - A Macintosh guru and super enthusiast.
Monk's Revenge - Richocet's page
Terry Carter Family Page - A guy at my church.
Curlhaven - Jed Curl's site.  Here is his photo album.
Butler Consulting - Need some computer work done?  Aaron Butler was voted as best computer repair in Colorado Springs and I can personally vouch for his knowledge.  Click Here.
Mark Seaman - Another guy I work with.
Shrinking World Solutions - Mark Seaman's new adventure.
Scott Kippen - A guy I worked with.
Larry Chapman (Fort Collins Video and Production Services)- Whadda ya know?  Another guy I used to work with.
Dave Boll's Blog - One of my former carpooling partners.  Dave used to have a rather large site but now he's trimmed it down to just his blog.  An old copy of his website is here
Gennetten - Doug Gennetten is an artist/color scientist who works in my division.