The following pictures are from a road rally held November 16, 2003 with a church Bible study group.  The contest was women against men with the more outrageous photographs winning more points for the team.  Some of the more interesting pictures involved holding up lingerie and if you look close, you'll see how one of the members kisses a toy cow...

The challenge was designed around the TV show FEAR FACTOR where the members compete against each other to do things that may cause fear.  It includes a section where the contestants eat various nasty things to gross them out.  We included this at the end and to our surprise, EVERY member participated.

Some of the images have a rather large file size (about 2MB) and will require patience or a broadband connection.  They are not scaled down in any way nor edited other than rotating the portrait images in the proper direction.  Bear in mind that the cameras being used were prototypes from a company that one of the team members works with.  The photographers had not used these cameras before.  Not all pictures are fit for the front page of LIFE magazine but they are good enough to see how much fun the group had.

If you want these pictures and have a slow internet connection, contact me and I can burn you a CD.

Enjoy sharing our night of FEAR FACTOR!

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