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This is the place where I put my own opinions.  As a friend of mine puts it, if you can't put your opinions on your own website, what can you do?

Ongoing, 2007-2008 - Global Warming Because Of Humans? - NOT!
Right up front, let me say that I have not subscribed to the global warming theory from its inception.  I do believe there are temperature fluctuations but that they are not caused by humans.  There is way too much evidence that simply shows it's a normal cycle of hot years and cooler years.  In fact, some reputable scientists have predicted the earth will go through a cycle of cooling soon.  It's rather arrogant to think that humans can cause such a MAJOR change as global warming.

Here's a REALLY GOOD source on global warming.  It's a 10 question test you can take and it backs up the answers with references to lots of research and data.


Save Al Gore!

If you can prove in a scientific manner that humans are causing catastrophic global warming you can win $100,000 !!  Learn more about it.

Here is a YouTube video explaining everything.

Here is the corresponding website.


 Here are some links to prove my point:

Oh, and it's been found that cow "emissions" cause more damage to the environment than cars:

...not to mention moose belching...

For a fairly balanced and scientific view, check out this article

Do you know how much the sea levels have risen since 1850?  1 Foot!  And yet, what did the alarmists do about it?  Nothing!  There were no alarmists.  We didn't even notice that "catastrophic disaster" was occurring to us.  Check out the data for yourself from the Journal of Geographical Research at this link:

...or if that link is dead, I saved a copy here.

Isn't there something better we could do with the money spent on global warming?

How about supplements of vitamin A and zinc for malnourished children?  We could do that for much cheaper.  Or how about desalinization of water to give countries clean water supplies?  Global warming should be WAY down on the list.

A Different Consensus