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Soapboxes From Others

I'm not the only one with an opinion.  Here are some links to other people's soapbox pages where they give their own opinions.  Some of them I know personally and some I don't.  Some are blogs rather than pure pundit soapboxes.

The Dave Boll Blog Dave was a former carpool partner of mine.  There were four of us in the carpool which included a former military man in the Russian communist party.  Our conversations were rather interesting sometimes.  Dave is my inspiration for this page.  He says that he works on his website when he can't sleep.  I'm just the opposite.  Working on my website keeps me from sleeping.

Most of the time I agree with Dave.  See what you think.

Update:  The old URL ( The House of Dave ) is no longer working.  As of February, 2006, Dave has a blog site where he posts his soapbox material now.

The Straight Dope A collage of opinion to "fight ignorance."
Right Wing News This is from a political right winger.  While I tend to be more conservative than liberal, I don't agree with everything here but it makes for interesting reading.
Instapundit A law professor at the University of Tennesee.